David John Sprong Jr. Captured
Accused child molester David John Sprong Jr.
Since Oprah launched the Child Predator Watch List in 2005, vigilant viewers have helped authorities catch some of America's most wanted fugitives.

In February 2007, law enforcement officers captured the seventh accused child molester featured on The Oprah Show. David John Sprong Jr., a repeat sex offender, is now behind bars.

Sprong has a long history of heinous crimes against children. In 1992, he was convicted of molesting his girlfriend's young daughter and raping a teenage runaway. He served just five years for his crimes and was released.

Then, in 2005, two more girls came forward claiming he had molested them. While awaiting trial in California, Sprong jumped bail. He fled to Texas, where he spent several months running an auto shop. After seeing himself on America's Most Wanted, he moved to Louisiana and got a job at a junkyard.

The police were not far behind.