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Andrea says the person who killed her son "wasn't me. It wasn't the real me. It was a very sick me, because I would never hurt him. Never," she says.

Although Andrea says she had sought help in the past, she claims the medication her family doctor gave her didn't work for her symptoms. "The antidepressants he gave me … they either made me sleep more or be on the manic stage, be up all the time. I would clean the house for days. I would not sleep," she says. "It's like you can't see how bad things really are. If I had any idea what I would have done, I would have gotten help."

Once Andrea arrived in prison, she says the doctor there immediately diagnosed her problem as bipolar disorder. Within 10 days of starting the medications he prescribed, Andrea says she noticed results. "What a difference it has made in my life. It made me feel like maybe there was a reason that I took Garrett, you know? Maybe there was an answer," she says.

"It was almost like relief that I wasn't just this horrible person that killed my child one day, you know, that there was something that caused me to have this happen, because I miss him so much. I miss being his mom. I miss saying prayers at night. I miss taking him to Sunday school," she says. "My life, per se, is over in a lot of ways because the guilt is so heavy, because, you know, he's gone and I did it."
FROM: Exclusive: Did Bipolar Disorder Drive a Mother to Kill Her Child?
Published on September 24, 2007


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