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Though years have passed, the Coombs children continue to remember the time they had with their father. "I definitely will never forget what he looks like because I have so many pictures around me," Meaghan says. "But the thing that I always forget is his voice, his laugh. I just need to hear it. So I try to break out the home videos every once in a while."

"He'll always have some influence on me for the 13 years that I did know him," says Matthew, now 19. "I still want to be a dad like him one day."

Julia, now 13 years old, says she still has her "daddy hug pillow." "It makes me feel good to have it. I feel like I'm just getting a great big hug from him all over again," she says.

Christie says that though she and her children have tried to move forward, she still misses her husband every day. "He would've wanted his kids to be happy, and he would have wanted me to be happy, and so we do what we can to live a new, normal kind of life, as a new, different kind of family," she says.
FROM: Six Years Later—The Children of September 11
Published on January 01, 2006