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Kaitlyn Fisher was only 5 years old when she and her sister Maggie lost their father, and she says every year that passes makes it more difficult to cope. "I know it sounds like I don't know that much about it because I was so young," Kaitlyn says. "[But] it gets so much harder over the years, because you understand it more."

For most, the anniversary of September 11 is a single day where the country remembers a tragic event, but Kirsten says that thinking can make it more difficult for her. "We live through it all year, and it's not just like September 11th was this one day. It's our lives. It's what has kind of shaped the past six years," she says. "It's different for us."

Matt, who was 9 years old at the time, says he is trying to be like his father. "I believe I've become a better person, and I try to look up to my dad as he was [in] the short time that I knew him."
FROM: Six Years Later—The Children of September 11
Published on January 01, 2006


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