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"Six years ago today, remember how devastated we all were, but how, in spite of that devastation, how connected we somehow felt?" Oprah asks. "In our darkest moment, so many of us were able to reach out to each other and create a new kind of light. A light of respect, a light of compassion and caring for one another, a light of trying to understand what it's like to stand in somebody else's shoes. ... What I know is we all want that feeling back. We want to bring back the light. Let's not wait for the next disaster to extend ourselves in peace to one another again."

Watch Oprah's tribute to some of the moms and dads who died on September 11.

"I carry the sacredness of [the victims'] sacrifice with me," Oprah says. "I think we owe them all our own personal resurrections. We owe them our best. We owe them our most just, our most fair. We owe them what the deserve—a really good life."
FROM: Six Years Later—The Children of September 11
Published on January 01, 2006


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