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Many tears have been shed over the years, but Deena says she and her daughters are now living happy lives.

"Thanks to faith in God, a wonderful family who has loved us and helped us, and the support of a grateful nation for what Tom did, we are doing really well," she says. "Six years later, we remember, we still love him, talk about him, think about him, and try to honor him every day in our actions in raising these children."

Halley, now 11 years old, says her mom always encouraged her to share her feelings. "My mom would always come to me in my bedroom, and she would say, 'Do you need to talk about anything?' And most of the time, I would say yes," Halley says. "She said that it was always okay to cry."

Deena says she thinks about Tom every day and tries to honor him by being a good parent. "I think that his imprint is on these three children," she says. "They try every day to be heroes on their own."
FROM: Six Years Later—The Children of September 11
Published on January 01, 2006


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