Gayle King
When more than 175 Olympians from Team USA™ gathered in Chicago for the 23rd season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show, there was one extra-special guest in the audience—the city's longtime mayor Richard M. Daley. Mayor Daley hopes to bring the Olympic Games to Chicago in 2016 and says Oprah's season premiere in Millennium Park is a great way to showcase the city and its commitment to the Olympic Games. Gayle talks with Mayor Daley about why Chicago is the perfect pick for hosting the Olympics and why he loves being the mayor of the Windy City.

Mayor Daley has been leading Chicago since he was elected in 1989, and he says there is no better place than Chicago for the world to gather and embrace America. "We think it is a United States of America experience," he says. "Our city is a city of immigrants and migration who come to a very diverse city."

Chicago is not only diverse, but remarkably friendly too, Mayor Daley says. "I think it is something about the Midwest values, and people come to the city [with] the 'I will' spirit," he says. "They like the city; they are proud of it."

The International Olympic Committee will decide the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games in October 2009, and while Chicago's waterfront, world-class offerings and excitement for the Olympic Games should make it a strong contender, Mayor Daley says the real reason the IOC should select Chicago is because of its people. "I love this city, and I love it's people," he says.
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