Changing the World
Genevieve says she always knew she wanted to help kids.
Do you know what your calling is? Every person on earth has one—something unique, something only you were born to do. "That's your real job, to figure out what is your calling and then begin to honor it," Oprah says. For Genevieve, realizing her passion took a little bit of soul searching.

As a single woman in her 30s, marketing executive Genevieve Piturro was focused on climbing the corporate ladder. Then at age 38, she met her husband and the pair started settling into a life together—but she says something was missing. Though she never felt the pressure to have her own kids, Genevieve knew she wanted to have kids around her. "I started to volunteer at night," Genevieve says. "I'm a big reader, so I'd go around and read [to kids]. I'd call shelters and group homes and different organizations and volunteer."

As she worked at different shelters, Genevieve started to notice that none of the children owned pajamas. They would go to sleep in their regular clothes.

"I said, 'Where's the bedtime? My mom was a great mom, and everybody has a mom who reads them a story and puts on their pajamas, don't they?'"