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Monroe students admit that gay classmates are the most bullied at school. Statistics show that bullied gay teens are six times more likely to commit suicide than straight teens.

Steven, a senior, feels the pressure of being a gay student at Monroe. "I'm openly gay here at Monroe High. Last year I got spit on. People pushed me around in the bathroom and stuff. I get made fun of all the time for being gay here," Steven says.

During Challenge Day, Steven gets a chance to address his peers...and a few bullies. "Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm not a person. I have the same emotions as you," he says. "There's just one thing that's different about me. Just like you're black or you're Asian or something like that."

De'lea, another openly gay senior, also shares her feelings on Challenge Day. "If you really knew me, I'm not as different as everyone thinks I am," she says. "I have stuff in common with everyone else."
FROM: Oprah's High School Challenge
Published on November 09, 2006


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