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Bono is using his passion to try to change the world. Does he ever get overwhelmed because of the need in Africa? "Yes, you get overwhelmed with the size of these problems and you think can we do something about it?" Bono says. "But I am really [convinced] that this generation, our generation, can be the generation to say 'no' to extreme poverty, or what I call 'stupid' poverty."

Bono recently visited Lesotho, Africa, where they make the signature Gap (PRODUCT) RED™ T-shirts. "You have a situation where most of those people in there are not aware that drugs are on the way," Bono says. "A third of them at this point are going to die, as they see it. "How do you go to work when you think you're going to die?"

The area has 150,000 people and one clinic. One doctor or nurse does the job of 10. Bono meets children taking complex AIDS medication who don't have enough money for food and are even starving in hospitals. (RED)™ will give teens like Angelique access to proper medication and a chance at a better life. "I would have died and no one would remember me, but I am alive because I got the medicine," Angelique says. "To have people who care and help us, I send a message of love to each of them. We have a better dream for us and a better future and that gives us hope."
FROM: Oprah and Bono Paint the Town "Red"!
Published on October 13, 2006