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While she still doesn't know what happened to Natalee, Beth keeps her memories alive. She filled a hope chest with Natalee's belongings, from a journal to the clothes she took on her senior trip to Aruba. "I have nothing more tangible … [like] having a grave where I could go and visit her, or even having the comfort that her suspects are behind bars," Beth says. "To find her body, well, it would mean putting an end to this current nightmare."

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As for finding Natalee alive, Beth says she tries not to let herself consider that too much. "I don't think that's very healthy for your spirit, but it is something I fantasize about," Beth says.

In the absence of closure, Beth continues to think about her daughter's disappearance every day. "It's as if I have to wake up every morning and make that conscious decision whether I want to be better or positive. I do want to keep being positive and look toward the future and see what we can do for others," Beth says. "But I still feel strongly that something unexpected could happen. We still could find answers at some point."
FROM: Exclusive: Marion Jones's First Interview
Published on March 14, 2008


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