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Jonny says the power of nature is a humbling one. "You feel so small in an environment like that, like the Arctic," he says. "And if there's a bear that's coming up to you, a mother bear coming out with her cubs, she could just take you to pieces in a few seconds and she could charge you, and you learn to be very, very small, very humble, and just to be thankful that you're still alive."

Even the nature's most subtle gestures are humbling, he says. When Jonny was documenting snow geese and the foxes that prey on them for weeks in the same place, a mother fox began to trust him so much that she brought her cubs right in front of him. As a parent himself, he was touched by the gesture. "You never, ever, forget the moment when you were there and you saw the animal for the first time trusting you and bringing her cubs out," he says. "I'll never forget that feeling and that emotion that you have. It's fantastic."
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Published on February 28, 2007