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During filming in Botswana, Africa, the team caught on tape something that has never before been captured on film—a pride of lions killing an elephant. "It's very rare they take elephants," Alastair says.

At a remote watering hole, massive elephants share precious water with hungry lions. During the day, they are no match for the giant vegetarians. But as night falls, the tables turn. As the lions stalk the herd, older elephants surround their young for protection. One elephant becomes separated, and the entire pack of lions goes after it. The elephant is no match for 30 bloodthirsty lions. They kill the elephant to feed their pack. "It's the most kind of horrific painting of hell when you actually see them on it, 30 lions, just holding down an elephant," Jonny says.

Jonny says infrared lights and special night-vision cameras allowed the crew to film in the pitch-black night. Simply filming the scene was intense, Jonny says. "You can't see anything and the elephants can't see very well, and you're sitting in a vehicle that's completely open," he says. "There were 30 or 40 lions all around the vehicle and they'd brush past your legs. You could feel them."
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Published on February 28, 2007