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When Barbara got back from vacation, she kept her promise and said on the air that Donald had never gone bankrupt. However, Barbara says she hasn't seen Donald since the feud. "If I saw him now, I would probably shake his hand or give him a hug," she says. "He was my friend for many years."

Barbara also addressed Donald's comments about Rosie on air, saying she and The View loved and supported Rosie. But Barbara says Rosie felt as though she had not adequately supported her. "She felt that as much as I defended her, I didn't defend her enough," she says.

Meanwhile, ratings for The View were sky-high during Rosie and Donald's controversy. "The audience tuned in every day to see who she was going to hate today," Barbara says. But when Rosie had originally agreed to do the program, she had only signed on for one year. In April 2007, Rosie decided not to return to The View the following season.

"I was very disappointed," Barbara says. "By that time, I was used to her. I knew how to handle it. We all did."
FROM: Barbara Walters' New Revelations
Published on November 24, 2008


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