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About four months after she began losing weight, Star met her soon-to-be husband, Al Reynolds. When Star and Al got engaged, Barbara says Star wanted an extravagant wedding. "She wanted to be a princess, but royalty is expensive," Barbara says.

In order to offset the cost of her wedding, Barbara says Star wanted to promote some of the products—like flowers or bridesmaids dresses— on The View so she could have them for free. "[The View producers] made a big mistake in the beginning because we said, 'Okay.' But when we drew the line and said, 'We must stop,' Star started to do it on other television programs," she says. "The audience, instead of seeing her as this lovely, romantic bride, began to see her as a greedy bride." The New York Post even called her Bridezilla.

The combination of the gastric bypass surgery and the wedding had damaged Star in the eyes of The View audience. Barbara says focus groups showed that viewers felt Star was damaging the program and that she had fallen from her spot as the program's most popular host. As a result, Barbara says, ratings were down and ABC decided not to renew Star's contract.
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Published on November 24, 2008