Around Washington, D.C.
Obama backpacks
Get a behind-the-scenes look as Lisa Ling and producers hit the streets in Washington, D.C., just days before the 2009 inauguration!

Two women show their support for the new president-elect with Obama backpacks.
Lisa Ling with women headed to the People's Ball.
Lisa interviews two women who will be attending The People's Ball.
Outside the capitol building in Washington, D.C.
Seating and jumbotrons are set up outside the Capitol Building in preparation of Inauguration Day.

The Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., where the swearing-in ceremony will take place.
Police officers outside the Capitol building.
Two police officers outside the Capitol, part of the massive security force monitoring Inauguration Day. 
A crowd outside the White House
Outside the White House, a crowd of supporters gather to take photos.
Lisa Ling meets two women from England.
In the heart of Capitol Hill, Lisa and an producer meet two women who traveled from England to witness history.
A young woman from Georgia
A young woman from Georgia shows her Obama spirit!
Family members from Georgia
Lisa interviews family members who were inspired by their grandmothers to make the trip.
Jessica, an producer
Jessica, an producer, talks to a security guard who's positioned outside the White House.
Lisa Ling
Lisa discovers that everything in D.C.—including taxi cab receipts—are adorned with Barack Obama's likeness.

Braving the blustery weather, Lisa and her team set out to capture history in the making.

Street signs point the way to the White House.

Reporters from around the world get set up for Inauguration Day festivities.

The press gathers on Capitol Hill to film the energized crowds.

One man shows his support for Barack Obama—from head to toe!

Women from Trinidad brave cold weather to tour D.C. landmarks just days before the 2009 inauguration.
The mall in Washington, D.C.
The National Mall looks quiet now—but will be packed with spectators on Inauguration Day.
Lisa Ling
At the Lincoln Memorial, Lisa Ling stops to talk with a man about what this day means to him.
Lisa Ling
Lisa Ling and the team record the crowds and try to capture the contagious energy outside of the Lincoln Memorial.