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Lebo's story was one of many told in the documentary Ithuteng. After being gang raped, Lebo became pregnant and HIV positive. For years, she sought refuge at Mama Jackey's school, and after the documentary was shot, Lebo died of AIDS.

Rape victims like Lebo and victims of other violent crimes are taught radical coping methods at Mama Jackey's school. The students learn to act out traumatic events in their lives through dramatic reenactments. Victor, a teen with a violent past, must reenact a childhood filled with drugs and guns. Mama Jackey says her methods help children find closure.

Tough love is another important part of the program. Mama Jackey insists that all her students—some of whom are reformed criminals—experience life inside a maximum security prison.

In this school, rape victims and rapists live under one roof and learn from each other. Every male student takes a pledge when they arrive at Mama Jackey's school...they vow to never again harm children or women.
FROM: The Child Rape Epidemic
Published on April 20, 2006


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