Accused Child Molesters Caught
Oprah announces the capture of Davis and Scott
On October 4, 2005, Oprah pledged to the nation that she would do everything in her power to help take child molesters off the streets. "The children of this nation are being stolen, raped, tortured and killed by sexual predators who are walking right into your homes," said Oprah. "I have had enough. With every breath in my body, whatever it takes and, most importantly, with you by my side, we are going to move heaven and earth to stop an evil that's been going on for far too long."

To make her dream become a reality, The Oprah Winfrey Show launched Oprah's Child Predator Watch List to show the world faces of fugitives accused of sex offenses against children. "I plan to work with law enforcement officials, and if they tell me that one of you turned in one of these fugitives that we are exposing today, and that information leads to the capture and arrest of one of these men, I will personally give a $100,000 cash reward."

"I am gratified to announce," Oprah says, "that in just 48 hours, two of those wanted men were captured!"