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Niles Scott's alleged victim, his own niece, was only 10 years old when the abuse began, she says. At age 13, the girl broke down and told her aunt, Scott's wife Sheila, about the abuse.

"I [felt like I] had died right then and there," says Sheila, who was with Scott for 30 years. "No child should experience anything like that."

After learning of the accusations, Sheila called police. Then she had to break the shocking news to their sons. "Telling my sons was the most difficult thing a parent would ever have to do. They grew up protecting this little girl and for them to find out something like that, oh, my God, the devastation," she says. "He was [their] dad. Dads don't do things like that."

Scott was arrested on four counts of rape and four counts of kidnapping. Without Sheila's knowledge, Scott put their house up for bond and posted his $10,000 bail. Then on the day of his trial, Scott vanished. "The system failed by leaving him out on such a low bond," Joseph Marche, a detective on the Scott case, says.
FROM: The Oprah Show Captures Accused Child Molesters!
Published on January 01, 2006


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