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How much do you know about the beauty products you use every day? Maybe not as much as you think. According to Consumer Reports, only 11 percent of ingredients in personal care products are tested for safety in the United States. The Environmental Working Group says one in 13 women are exposed to known or probable carcinogens in these products every day.

Green expert Sophie Uliano says these types of chemicals in products like shampoo and body lotions could be harming our environment because they are washed down the drain into our water supplies. Our bodies are also absorbing these chemicals. "Our body's a living organ, and it absorbs almost everything you put on it, so we really need to take care of that," she says.

So how do you know which products contain chemicals or additives? Sophie says it comes down to simply reading labels and knowing what to look for.

It's a process she taught friend and actress Julia Roberts. "I got rid of half my stuff," Julia says. "When you look at the ingredients and you can't pronounce them? That's a really strong indication that you don't want to put it on your lips."
FROM: Oprah's Earth Day Event
Published on January 01, 2006


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