Beauty Uglies: 9 Fixes for Your Most Embarrassing Problems
From hair cropping up in unwanted places to sweat below the belt—here are solutions.
Unwanted hair
Hair Where You Don't Want It
Meghan O'Brien, MD, of Tribeca Park Dermatology in New York City, says hair growing around your nipples, in your nose and out of a mole isn't uncommon. Nose hair is a necessary part of the body's air-filtration system. If it protrudes, use small manicure scissors—not tweezers (ouch!)—to trim it back. As for the hair on your breasts, O'Brien is routinely asked about it, and it's entirely normal (often related to hormonal changes and an increase in testosterone) and fine to pluck. Pulling hair out of a mole is safe. Congenital moles (the kind that you're born with) usually have one or more hair follicles. But avoid having laser hair removal on or near a mole, which can remove the pigment and make melanoma difficult to detect.

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