Adam Glassman
Photo: Alex Beauchesne
Q: My resolution is to get in shape. Any new workout clothes that will get me to the gym?

A: You mean, presto change-o, you're on a Lifecycle burning off fruitcake calories? I don't think so. But sure, attractive athletic gear—rather than dull, shapeless sweats—can jump-start your enthusiasm for exercise, especially if you play with color: A bright top will boost your mood and energy (keep bottoms dark, though). Need new sneakers? See our favorites.

Workout clothes Fitness, meet fashion: Get a lean look with this jacket's strategically placed color (Lululemon Athletica, $99). Keep cool in a tee with breathable mesh in sweat-prone areas (Nike, $45). Flattering leggings support quads, hamstrings, calves, and knees (CW-X, $95).