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More Winter Wisdom
When Felicity Aston skied across Antarctica this year, alone, pulling a 187-pound sled, she faced myriad challenges—not least among them skincare. Even with 24 hours of daylight (it was summer in Antarctica), temperatures never made it above five degrees. "The air is so dry in Antarctica that your skin can easily become incredibly sensitive and susceptible to injury," says Aston. So how did her complexion look after 59 days in those extreme conditions? "Actually...really healthy," she says. "I got many compliments on it when I returned to civilization." An explorer and a skincare savant! Here's what Aston used every day:

Nivea Creme: "It would normally be too greasy for my skin, but in extreme cold, it was perfect. I put a thick coating on my face before bed. First I'd have to sit on the tin for a while, though, to melt the cream."

SPF 50 sunscreen: "I slathered it on every morning, even though I also wore a full-face covering. The sun could still come through the airholes."

Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15: "It's one of the best I've used. Other lip balms can freeze solid—this one never does."

Sudocrem: "Whenever my feet and cuticles got dried out and cracked, this zinc oxide diaper cream healed them."

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