What's Right with This Photo?
What's Right with This Picture? Jean Koerner
Jean Koerner, 38
Yoga teacher

What she sees: "When I look in the mirror, all I see are my close-together, beady, asymmetrical eyes."

What Bobbi sees: "Oh, excuse me? I don't even notice that Jean's eyes are asymmetrical. Maybe because I work on so many faces and all of them are asymmetrical to some degree. What I see is Jean's beautiful skin, her strong brows, her gorgeous mouth. While Jean is focusing her attention on her 'beady' eyes, she hasn't registered that her mouth is perfectly shaped and her lips have a naturally lovely, deep pink color. Not to mention, but of course I will, that her jawline is exquisite and a pop of blush on her cheekbones will emphasize the shape of her face. Her right eyelid is a little lower than her left; I'll apply liner just a bit thicker on that eye to even out what Jean describes as lack of symmetry. I mean, is she beautiful, or what?"