Adam Glassman
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg 

Q. It's the season for houseguests and weekend shares. What night garments are okay for hanging out?

A. For appropriate coverage, try knits instead of flimsy tell-all fabrics, pajamas rather than gowns; nothing is chicer than traditional men's pj's—think Brooks Brothers. Clean, cute, and sporty is the idea. Save the sexy, bias-cut charmeuse for more private occasions. And be sure that whatever you choose isn't stretched out: You don't want to look like you've been wearing it since your college dorm days. Another concern might be, "Do I have to wear a bra?" Most women can't wait to take them off when they get home. In mixed company, however, the well-endowed should be discreet; a top with built-in support works well.

GapBody cami and Donna Nadeau pajama bottoms

Perfect for communal kicking back, a camisole with an underwire bra inside (GapBody) and jersey pajama bottoms (Donna Nadeau).