Adam Glassman
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg
Q: What's the key to dressing for rain while still looking sylish?

A: My motto, like the post office's, is that you must deliver no matter how stormy the weather—you can't let your clothes or psyche be dragged down by a soggy day.Even if you're not normally into brights, color helps lessen the gloom: a great red, a taxicab yellow.

Be practical about fabrics—don't wear something flimsy that will get soaked immediately or become see-through when wet. We're lucky that patent leather is so popular these days; the shiny surface not only resists moisture but lifts your spirits. Get a good trench (at least one) in khaki or black. If you live somewhere particularly rainy, you might want a few to choose from. Boot up smartly instead of ruining your outfit with crummy sneakers.

And a fun umbrella is essential.


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