Valerie Monroe
Photo: Patrik Andersson
Q: What can I use that lasts all day to tone down my very pink coloring?

A: If you're prone to flushing, especially across the cheeks and nose, it might be wise to see a dermatologist to be sure you don't have rosacea (which is treatable with antibiotics and laser). A doctor can also determine if you have telangiectasia (dilated blood vessels near the skin's surface, which can respond well to laser treatment, too). To tone down the pink with makeup, start by applying a lightweight moisturizer with sunblock. On top of that, apply a silicone gel primer over your entire face, says Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty makeup artist. (The primer creates a smooth surface for foundation.) Then blend a very small amount of green—yes, green—concealer over the areas that are most pink (try Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Concealer Stick). Finally, with a brush—because it gives you the best coverage—apply a yellow-based, long-wearing foundation. (Quinn says Giorgio Armani UV Lasting Silk Foundation in shade 4.5 flatters almost any skin tone.)

Keep in mind: If you want to wear blush, choose a peach or rose-gold shade to avoid too-pink cheeks. 

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