Valerie Monroe
Photo: Patrik Andersson
Q: Can I minimize my large nose with makeup?

A: Yes, and in just a moment I'll share the nose-minimizing advice I got from a world-class makeup artist. But first, I want to remind you that many stunning women have been preceded by prominent noses—among them, Cleopatra, Maria Callas, and Barbra Streisand. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is also sometimes in the nose of the beheld: In some cultures, a large nose is considered not a blight on the face of womanhood but rather a lovely bonus feature, like a Juliet balcony.

Okay, end of lecture. "Blend a matte foundation a couple of shades darker than your usual foundation down the sides of your nose, starting at the bridge," says makeup artist Pati Dubroff. "Then, with a highlighting cream or pen, draw a thin line right down the center of your nose, and lightly blend. Your nose will appear narrower and smaller."

Keep in mind: It's critical to blend the darker foundation well with your fingers or a brush. Dubroff prefers to use a cream foundation because it blends more easily than a powder.

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