Turning Back the Clock
Potential models for the Dove ad try out in Chicago.
Would you pose nude on a billboard in the middle of Times Square? One 64-year-old grandmother did just that! The new Dove® Pro-Age™ campaign—which is aimed at making women of all ages feel better about their appearances—features women over 50 years old in nothing but their birthday suits.

In October 2006, Dove put out the call for women in cities around the world—and in this audition, wrinkles, age spots and stretch marks were welcome. Some women were a little bashful, but others were ready to show the world their beauty! "I actually feel like I'm better looking now at 53 than I was at 23," says one woman.

Watch the auditions.

The decision was tough, but after casting calls in cities around the world, the hopefuls were narrowed down. In the end, six women were picked to bare it all for the Pro-Age campaign.