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Fifty-two-year-old Athena—who says she was initially told she looked too young for the ad campaign—says she didn't know she was going to have to reveal so much at the audition. "I got there and they said, 'OK, take your clothes off.' I said, 'My clothes off?' They said, 'Yes.' So I had on underwear and a bra basically," Athena says.

"[It was] a little uncomfortable, but I warmed up to it…I knew for sure that I wouldn't be picked so I didn't think about it any more," she says. "I was like any other woman. You don't feel like you are the most beautiful. You think, you know, you have bulges here and there or you're too skinny there."

Fifty-four-year-old Mirenete says when she showed up to the audition in a bikini and a robe, there were about 10 people looking at her. "I said to them, 'Are you all going to look at me with my bikini?' They say, 'Yes, Mirenete.' I say, 'Very naughty of you!'" Mirenete jokes. Now, she says she's glad she got to show the world her true self. "I'm so glad Dove gave me the opportunity to show my layers like that and my beautiful skin."
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Published on January 01, 2006