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After making dozens of women feel more glamorous, Ken got to the root of some of their hairstyle issues. "Women are such nurturers and mothers and caregivers and in the workforce," he says. "So you look to yourself last." Ken says being able to help people who make taking care of others a priority was a lot of fun—the women thought so, too! "All of the women were, like, 'This feels really good. It's not over yet, is it?'"

Whether a woman is in her late teens or her late 60s, keeping the same look for too long is never a good thing. "Younger women get in a rut, too," Ted says.

The solution to this pitfall? Try something new! "I think maybe it's scary for a lot of people because you're like, 'I don't know who can do it or what I should ask for or what I don't like,'" Rita says. "I think the important thing is to take a chance. If it doesn't work, at least you know, 'I'll never do that again.' But at least you're changed so you're not stuck and you don't have [the same] hair for 29 years."
FROM: Celebrity Hairstylists Reveal Their Secrets
Published on November 29, 2007


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