Nate Berkus
In 1996, Stefani Greenfield opened the doors to her first New York City clothing boutique in hopes of creating the ultimate shopping destination for busy, fashion-conscious shoppers. Now with 11 stores in cities across the country and her own segment on Home Shopping Network, Stefani has become an expert on helping women look and feel their best. Nate talks with Stefani, owner and creator of Scoop NYC, about her tips for great style.

  • Find your individual style. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the experts. "Use the roadmaps of your magazines, your favorite boutique," Stefani says. "Go on the Internet—there are so many great sites about [fashion]."
  • Don't shy away from color. "Color is feel-good if you wear it correctly," she says.
  • Know the difference between fads and trends. "A fad is here today, gone tomorrow," Stefani says. "A trend is something that's an inspiration. It's taking the temperature of what you see around you and integrating it, not letting it take over your own personal style."
  • Buy collectibles. In other words, look for quality items or vintage pieces that will stand the test of time. This is especially wise if you're on a tight budget, Stefani says.
  • Update your look with accessories. If you only buy three things this season, go for a great shoe, handbag and piece of jewelry, Stefani says.
  • Put some time into getting dressed. While your look should seem effortless, Stefani says it does take a little bit of time and thought to look great. "Nobody rolls out of bed stylish," she says.