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Another one of Ivanka's loves is jewelry. "Jewelry makes you feel pretty, you know? It's always nice having a little sparkle by your face," she says. "Now I have the fun of having my own line. I just love it."

Ivanka says the idea of developing her jewelry line—The Ivanka Trump Collection—came about naturally. "I'd follow my mom, traipsing around New York City and the world, stealing the pieces I encouraged her to buy," she says. "So now she's exacting revenge. She's going into my store every day and clearing me out of inventory saying she's entitled to do so after 25 years of me stealing her things."

While working on her jewelry line, Ivanka says her goal was to create a nonintimidating line inspired by women. "You walk into the store setting and it looks like a female boudoir. I think you go into some of these jewelry stores, especially in high-end, and they feel like a mausoleum. They're so cold and intimidating and they're not really for women," she says. "And I think now there's a whole generation of empowered, strong women who can afford to buy their own jewelry. Not to say they don't love getting it from men as well, but there are women who will go in and see a beautiful pair of earrings and will treat themselves. And we wanted to encourage that."
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Published on October 30, 2007


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