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Ivanka takes us inside her New York apartment for a glimpse at how she lives outside the board room. One thing she can't live without? A backgammon table. "This is actually sort of game central over here. I have Monopoly, I have Cranium, I have Clue. I'm very competitive. So even these silly childhood games I take rather seriously," she says.

She also has a fascination with monkeys. One of her favorite pieces is a garbage can featuring a drunk monkey. "I carted a garbage can back from somewhere in the south of France as a carry-on, and I'm very happy I did it," she says.

Two things Ivanka says she can't live without are her photos and a digital video recorder. "Now I can actually watch the television that I want to watch," she says.

Reading has always been a major part of Ivanka's life. "Most of my books have to do with historical fiction," she says. Right now, she's reading a book called Great Fortune about the building of Rockefeller Center. Ivanka also devours newspapers. She reads The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the New York Post and the New York Daily News every morning. On Wednesdays, she reads The New York Observer.

Ivanka also likes to bring a touch of nature to her home. "Growing up, one of the things we always had in our house at all times was flowers. I love fresh cut flowers. Roses. Tulipswhite orchids," she says. "Clean, simple arrangements."

When she's ready to unwind, Ivanka slips on a bathrobe. "Bathrobes for me are one of those odd but absolute must-haves. I walk into my apartment, I put on a bathrobe, and that's it. I'm done for the night."

Underneath it all, Ivanka admits one addiction—ChapStick. "Love it," she says. "I have it all over my apartment. That I can't live without."

Above all, Ivanka says she loves real estate and New York City. She takes in the view from a $42 million penthouse at Trump Park Avenue. "That's the aspirational view within my building," she says. "I'm on the sixth floor of that same building, so my view is beautiful yet not quite that."
FROM: What the Stylemakers Can't Live Without
Published on October 30, 2007


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