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This stylemaker's last name is about as famous as it gets! At age 25, Ivanka Trump—daughter of Donald Trumpco—stars with her dad on The Apprentice, works as vice president of real estate development at the Trump Organization and just came out with her own fine jewelry line.

From a young age, Ivanka says she knew she would work in real estate development. "That is my first and my real love," she says. "There's something about real estate. I think it's partially in the blood. But there's also something so gratifying to see something that you've worked so hard on come to fruition before your eyes and hopefully stay there long after you're gone."

Born in a privileged family, Ivanka says she can see where wealth can confuse some children. "I think it is hard and I think you can see that difficulty reflect itself in the lifestyles of various wealthy children or children of very accomplished parents," she says. "So they react in two ways. They either use the negative energy that people project on themsaying they'll never live up to [their parents][and] sort of embrace that and harness that and use that to propel them forward, or it paralyzes them."

Ivanka says growing up Trump helped develop her ambition in life. Her parents gladly contributed to her education, she says, but made her work for the material things she wanted. "My parents always made me know that I couldn't feel entitled about the things in which they gave me. And that was the key for me," she says. "Everything they had, I knew to be theirs. If I wanted it, I knew what it was, I knew the benefits of ultimately getting there, but I would have to work my butt off. So that's what I've been doing."
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Published on October 30, 2007


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