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Cindy's closet houses her favorite fashion items. So what does a supermodel mom live in? T-shirts by promom couture! "I'm a mom and I live in Malibu, so most days I'm wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I love these T-shirts because they're all about being a mom, but I think they're cute," she says. "This one, for instance, looks like a Grateful Dead T-shirt, but it says, 'Grateful Mom.'"

When it's time for bed, Cindy loves the slips from La Petite Coquette in New York City. "This is what I sleep in. So I still feel sexy and they're really soft, but you can wash them," she says.

When it's time to travel, Cindy makes sure to pack her ballet flats. "When I travel, a lot of times my feet swell. So I found these Sue London ballet flats, and I love that they come in all colors," she says. "You actually look like you have a little look going on, but comfortable."

Of course, this supermodel is always thinking fashion-forward. Cindy's new favorite bag is from an Italian designer named Mauro Zagliani. "This one people don't quite know about yet, and I like having things before they're mainstream," she says.
FROM: What the Stylemakers Can't Live Without
Published on October 30, 2007


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