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Like many moms, Cindy loves pictures of her family. "Rande can attest to this, I love family photos, and I collect maybe three months' worth in a bowl. Then, I'll sit down one night and kind of lay it out, edit and then write captions. So if you come to my house or anyone comes over, I don't have to walk you through the album," she says. "That way if my mom's visiting, I give her a glass of wine, give her a photo album, I'll cook dinner, and she can enjoy the photo album."

Rande and Cindy also carry photos of their kids with them at all times. For Cindy's 40th birthday, Rande got her a necklace with their kids' pictures on the back. "I got the best of both worlds. I got the bling, the husband who gave it to me, and then my little kiddies," Cindy says.

Rande has matching charms on his necklace. "It's nice because we tell the kids that even when we travel, they'll be close to our heart," Rande says.
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Published on October 30, 2007


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