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Now that she's three months pregnant, there are a slew of new things Rachel says she can't live without in her daily routine.

She says she gained about 80 pounds with her first baby, and her feet have already begun to swell with this pregnancy. That's why she loves her foot massager. "My shoes don't fit—I'm already half a size up. And I don't want to buy a whole new [selection of shoes]. So I'm sitting behind my desk kind of bossing my staff around trying to maintain a serious face, and then I have this going on."

Instead of reaching for an unhealthy snack, Rachel always has some Marcona almonds on hand. "I keep them in my purse. I keep them in my desk. Because if I don't have something to eat, I will grab anything and then that's a huge no-no because I'm just getting all of those empty calories off of junk because by then I'm starving."

Her other daily ritual is using Natura Bisse cream to prevent stretch marks. "This is a great product. Actually all of their products are really, really nice."
FROM: What the Stylemakers Can't Live Without
Published on October 30, 2007


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