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When choosing an outfit for Gretchen, Jill says she was drawn to an oversize "boyfriend" sweater. This look can be worn multiple ways. If you want to accentuate a small waist, cinch in the sweater with a belt or let the top hang loose over a fitted skirt.

"It's a kind of easy sexy. It's a comfortable sexy," Adam says. "It's not a restricted one or one that you have to feel like you're in sausage casing necessarily. And it's playing with proportion. If you're going to do something looser on top, you can wear something a little more fitted on bottom."

The experts also say you don't have to wear heels to look hot. "A flat boot makes everyone look good," Jill says. "You don't need a heel with a miniskirt."

Throughout the transformation process, Valerie says the beauty team's goal was to reflect each woman's personality with her clothes. "They all have the same kind of homogeneous, Orange County look, which was very over-the-top sexy, and we wanted to give them their own kind of look," she says. "They've got a unique sexiness now, and authenticity and uniqueness is really sexy."

From O.C. to NYC—the housewives get makeovers

Behind the scenes with The Real Housewives

Valerie Monroe gets an Orange County makeover
FROM: How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers
Published on October 27, 2008


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