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Theresa L. Butler
Textile Artist

I like to make quilts of all shapes, sizes, and designs. I've always had a passion and fascination for sewing. My grandmother was a hairdresser and seamstress, and when she wasn't doing hair, she made my mom's and aunt's dresses. When I was a child, she taught me how to make dresses for myself and for my dolls! The piece shown here is called “Mother and Child Separation.” It represents how, during slavery in the Antebellum South, it was common for African-American women to be separated from their children.

The O Bracelet Project: I'm glad to be a part of a project that's positive, helping the women of Rwanda gain income so they can provide for themselves and their children. When I met Brigitte (one of the Rwandan women artists for this project), I saw she had great passion and God-given talent that could make a great difference in the lives of the women of Rwanda. I feel blessed to be able to meet and work alongside such beautiful, spiritual, talented women.


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