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Priscilla Busch

I make quilts and fiber-related objects, including bowls and wall hangings. When I was a teen, I met an avid quilter. She could take scraps of fabric and turn them into something really geometric and beautiful. I thought, "This is what I want to do." I'm inspired by the ability to touch an item and know that it was wrought by a human being into something other than what it was. Recycling also plays an important role in what I do—taking unwearable clothing and transforming it into usable pieces.

The O Bracelet Project: I am honored to work with the Rwandan women. Their strength gives me strength. To be so resourceful and use their art to better the whole community is so honorable. Also, getting to know the very strong and proud women of New Orleans is a thrill. I am Chinese and was taught to be polite and mild tempered, not exposing my true self. Now I'm working with women who exude their pride and culture. Quite an experience! When the last bracelet is done, it will be wonderful and sad all at the same time.