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Cynthia Ramirez
Mixed Media Artist

My work is multi-media, using painting, digital printmaking, photography, and installation. The goal of my art is to introduce a different cultural view of the world. I am a Latina, and for the past ten years I have been exploring the confusing roles of the Latina woman in the 20th and 21st centuries. It is my goal to confront society's stereotypical depictions of minorities and change them to an image of pride. My recent artwork was my reaction to the catastrophe of Katrina. The images are of the Aztec and Mayan gods and goddesses of wind, rain, rivers, flood, and hurricanes. I was calling on the divine for inspiration and therapy; I was calling on my ancestors to help New Orleans and its citizens.

The O Bracelet Project: Working on the O bracelet program means a great deal to me. It has brought me together with women artists I haven't seen since the storm. It has giving me a connection with wonderful women in Rwanda. I am grateful that I can use my skills as an artist to benefit other women in need. This project has filled my heart with love for women I have not met.



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