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Stella Pinkney Jones
Owner of Stella Jones Gallery


My art galley represents artists of the African Diaspora, including African-Americans. These artists are committed to depicting all aspects of life, whether through figurative or abstract work. Formerly a physician, but always a collector, I was disappointed at the lack of galleries committed to artists of the African Diaspora. In addition, it was important for me to create a space where we can educate and facilitate art ownership at all levels. I have fulfilled this dream by regularly hosting lectures, making the collection and my resources available to students, and offering ways to make art affordable, particularly in these tough economic times.

The O Bracelet Project: I believe this project offers hope to two groups of women who may have felt alone and without resources in the wake of tragedy. Through coming together, we were able to remind ourselves that we all carry our greatest resources—our talents, our ability to persevere, and our capacity to love—within ourselves and they cannot be taken away even by war or natural disaster. This project also demonstrates that women have always been, and will always remain, able to find and create great beauty even in the face of suffering.


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