The July 2009 O List
A few things we think are just great.
Faded Glory Tank Tops
Think Tank
Cotton with a touch of spandex, these bold scoopneck tops add a little stretch to your summer without straining your wallet. 

Faded Glory, $5 each;
Tejani bracelets
Big Bangle Theory
Bollywood pizzazz isn't just for the silver screen—you can wear it around your wrist, too, thanks to these jingly, Indian-inspired acrylic baubles. 

$50 for six;
Anne Klein watches
Would You Look at the Time!
The sands of the hourglass gain a subtle glitter with the crystal markers on these bright, peppy watches. 

Anne Klein, $75 each;
Moto W233 Renew cell phone
Message in a Bottle
Priced about the same as a movie ticket or your weekly coffee budget, the Moto W233 Renew is the first cell phone made with plastics from recycled water bottles. 

$10 with two-year T-Mobile contract;
Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart Tote
It Is Vast, It Contains Multitudes
What wouldn't fit in this bottomless canvas tote? The entire contents of your closet? A midsize dog? The kitchen sink? The list is short. The bag is large. 

Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart, $18; for stores
Heys baggage
Baggage (Re)Claim
This bargain set of hard-sided luggage (made from 100 percent recycled plastic) matches the ocean and sky at the vacation spot of your dreams. 

Heys, $450 for three-piece set; for stores
No Boundaries for Walmart Clutches
Give Them a Hand
This low-cost PVC clutch comes in five colors (in solid or crocodile pattern) and puts a simple yet chic exclamation point on your evening outfit. 

No Boundaries for Walmart, $10 each; for stores)
Children's Place floral jumpers
The Sweetest Thing
She's your baby. She's a total doll. Logical conclusion: She'd look good in a babydoll. This cotton-gauze beauty with dainty eyelet trim can pair up with leggings, serve as a beach cover-up, or work on its own as an airy summer dress. 

$12.50 each;
Alice Supply Co Garden Hose
Hose Beautiful
Tangled, leaky, unwieldy, the garden hose too often ends up collapsed on the grass in a despondent heap—but this cheery 25-foot model (with striped or camouflage handle) is heavy-duty and kink-resistant. 

$38 each;
Needham Lane Slip Ons
Slip, No Slide
These comfy bedroom shoes come in 16 vibrant prints and have trusty rubber soles to keep you grounded in the hours before you drift off to la-la land. 

$26 per pair;
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