Adam Glassman's fashion advice
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg
Q: I need summer tops that keep me cool without showing my arms. Can you help?

A: Gladly. My First Law of Summer is that nobody should go sleeveless unless her arms are in good shape—which is why I'm thrilled that offbeat sleeve treatments (puff, cap, flouncy, billowy, bell) are hitting the stores right now. For most people, three-quarter length is best—below the elbow, please (here's another body part I don't like to see flaunted unless it's smooth and well cared for). Or you can just push or roll up a long sleeve. You won't overheat if you stick with fabrics that breathe, like cotton and linen.

Short sleeves can also be acceptable, but pass up tight armbands that call attention to flabby areas. Look for easy, unfitted styles, like a fluttery cap sleeve.


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