Up Your Batting Average
Eyes by Design mascara
Who doesn't want amazingly long, luxuriously thick, carefully defined lashes—without clumping or smudging? Four terrific new mascaras (all with revolutionary brush designs and formulas), a couple of improved curlers, a perfect eye makeup remover, and some great fakes make it easier than ever to get them.

If your goal is superdefined lashes, try a mascara with a comb instead of a brush. The wand in Eyes by Design Lengthening Mascara ($20) has narrowly spaced tines that coat and separate each lash.
Fresh Firebird mascara
Fresh Firebird Mascara ($26) has a big, full brush that gives you feathery, fanned-out lashes, while the ultrablack formula conditions and strengthens them with vitamin B5, red algae extract, and sea buckthorn berry oil.
Givenchy mascara
The small, round, plastic bristle wand in Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes ($27) allows you to maneuver it in any direction. Hold the wand vertically to reach the lashes in the inner corner of your eye without hitting the bridge of your nose.
Dior mascara
The Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara ($31) formula contains polymers that lengthen lashes, microscopic silica balls that add thickness, and silk nectar to soften and repair. And the spiral-shaped plastic bristles help define and curl.
Tweezerman lash curler
Tools and Accessories
The open-ended design of Tweezerman Super Lash Curler ($7) is wide enough to curl all your lashes at once and won't accidentally pinch your skin. For a long-lasting result, aim heat from your blow-dryer on the silicone pad for two to three seconds before you squeeze.
Revlon lash curler
Pull the battery-operated Revlon Gentle Heat Lash Curler ($10) slowly through lashes just as you would a mascara brush. The warm wire-and-brass wand sets your curled lashes without crimping them.
Sephora makeup remover
Sephora Face Eye Makeup Remover ($5) has the perfect ratio of oil to water; it's strong enough to remove the most stubborn waterproof makeup but never leaves a greasy residue.
Ready to Wear Lash Extension
No time for false lashes? Immediately after you apply a coat of mascara, brush both sides of your lashes with Ready to Wear Lash Extension ($23), which has tiny fibers that stick to your wet lashes, thickening and lengthening them.
MAC false eyelashes
Wispy, natural-length false eyelashes—like MAC 31 Lash and 32 Lash ($11 each)—make eyes appear wider and lashes thicker without looking fake.