Adam Glassman Solves 4 Summer Fashion Problems
O creative director Adam Glassman helps you sort out your hot-weather issues.
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Q: I love summer, but I can do without the bug bites and sunburns that go with it. I know there are clothes that combat these things, but they look more functional than fashionable. Help!

A: It is possible to look stylish while being practical, and we sifted through racks of summer-clothing-with-benefits to find pieces you'd want to flaunt. I'm crazy about Parasol's entire line, including this embroidered dress, which has a UPF of 50+. (UPF rates fabric protection, while SPF rates sunscreen. A cotton tee typically has a UPF of 5.)

Dress, Parasol, $295; Hat, $48; Shoes, $80;