Smitten with Bitten
Sarah Jessica Parker launches her clothing line, Bitten.
Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker has taken her passion for fashion to a new level! This summer, she's launching Bitten—her own low-price, high-fashion line available exclusively at Steve & Barry's stores. Everything in the collection comes in sizes 2–22 and costs less than $20!

"It's about affordable, well-made American sportswear. It's about fashion not being a luxury," she says. "It's really, really important to us that it be good, feel good, have a life, that it make a difference in your life and that you have money left over to live."
Angela models a cocktail dress layered over a T-shirt.
Sarah Jessica says every woman deserves a great black dress, like Bitten's cocktail dress with grosgrain ribbon ($19.98). "This dress looks so good on women of all ages and sizes," Sarah Jessica says.

Layer this dress with the striped P.R. crew top ($7.98) for a more casual look. "I wore it like this one day, actually for the launch in New York," Sarah Jessica says. "This is one of my favorite T-shirts."

With the pointed toe flats retailing at $9.98, you can have this entire look for just $37.94!
Diane models a casual, but chic, ensemble.
Sarah Jessica gives the hooded sweatshirt a modern look with her fleece set zip-up hoodie ($14.98). "I love a double zip because I think it's really feminine," she says. "It gives ladies a waist a little bit." Sarah layers it over the solid skinny ribbed v-neck top ($7.98) and pairs both with the ankle zip crop jean ($14.98).

Sarah Jessica also shows off one of her favorite bags—the large canvas satchel ($9.98). "This bag, I call it 'The Freak' because I can't believe how good it is," she says. "I said, 'People are going to freak.'"
Ka'Nese models two double v-neck tank dresses.
Sarah Jessica's v-neck tank dresses ($19.98 each) are flattering to any shape. Layer two of them over a featherweight crew tee ($7.98) for a colorful look!

Top off the look with the rope-and-canvas wedges with Patton trim ($9.98). This whole ensemble only costs $57.92!
Nicoletta shows that high-waisted jeans are all the rage.
Sarah Jessica loves a lady in a high-rise jean! "Enough of the low-waisted jeans," she says.

Nicoletta models the high-rise, straight leg jean ($14.98) with the sleeveless baby doll side tie top ($7.98), the rope-and-canvas wedges with Patton trim ($9.98) and the striped tote ($9.98).

At a total cost of $42.92, this summer look is no sweat!
Laine wears some can't-miss capris.
Head to your local Steve & Barry's soon so you don't miss Bitten's premium denim roll-up capri ($14.98). "This is a great jean [that] we only have for the summer," Sarah Jessica says.

Pair these great jeans with the textured bib top ($7.98), the braided belt with studs ($7.98) and a classic canvas shoe ($9.98). This look is easy on the eyes and the pocketbook—it's only $40.92.
Sarah models an eyelet top from Bitten.
Sarah models the cap sleeve eyelet trim top ($9.98) with a pair of high-rise, straight leg jeans ($14.98). "They're so flattering on the girls' figures," Sarah Jessica says.

Accessorize with the small zip-front pocket tote ($9.98) and leather flip-flops ($7.98), and head out of the store with a total charge of only $42.92.
Thea shows off a nautical look.
The nautical look is hot for summer. Achieve it with sailor pants ($14.98), a striped racerback tank ($7.98) and the 3/4 sleeve linen blazer ($19.98).

Add in the leather thong flip-flops ($7.98), and this outfit will only set you back $50.92.
Bobbi is ready for the office and beyond.
For a simple day-to-evening look, just pair this gray baby doll top ($9.98) with a white high-waist chino ($14.98). "A classic," Sarah Jessica says.
Catherine models the elbow sleeve V-neck dress.
Catherine sports Sarah Jessica's elbow sleeve V-neck dress ($19.98), paired with leather peep-toe wedge shoes ($9.98).
The cuff sleeve shirt dress with pointed toe flat shoes.
Catherine sports Sarah Jessica's elbow sleeve V-neck dress ($19.98), paired with leather peep-toe wedge shoes ($9.98).
Sarah Jessica says this jean jacket is great for spring weather.
This P.R. double V-neck dress with polka dots ($19.98) is paired with a lace trim sleeveless cami ($7.98), rope wedges with a leather thong ($9.98) and a crop denim jacket ($14.98).

Sarah Jessica says she wants women to be able to wear classic pieces like these for years. "You're not going to feel embarrassed—you know, 'Oh my God, how did I end up in that dress?'" she says. "You can do that with hairstyles, but we're trying to not have it happen with these clothes."
Sarah Jessica loves the color of these straight leg pants.
Sarah Jessica says she loves the color of these Hudson premium straight leg pants ($14.98). "It's just a simple gray jean, which I love," she says. "I love the color gray. I think it's the new brown. Whatever that means."

The pants complement a printed apron top ($9.98), a Mercer two-button jacket ($19.98), pointed toe flats ($9.98) and a large canvas satchel ($9.98).
Bobbi is ready for the office in this look for less than $60.
Bobbi models the Mercer two-button jacket ($19.98) with the matching flare leg Mercer trousers ($19.98). Matched with a shirttail hem tee ($7.98) and pointed toe flats ($9.98), she has a career look for only $57.92!
Sarah Jessica says to open the collar for a less conservative look.
In this Mercer pencil skirt ($19.98), model Lindsay is elegant—but it's the 3/4-sleeve swing cardigan ($19.98) that has Sarah Jessica excited. "I'm so happy with the sweater," she says. "And it feels good. It's super soft."

She also says the Mao collar rib-front shirt ($12.98) can convert for different looks. "This [is] gorgeous, simple, almost Victorian, but you can open it up," she says. "It doesn't have to be quite so conservative."
Seersucker pants are paired with a 3/4-sleeve blouse.
These seersucker pants ($14.98) pair up with a 3/4-sleeve pintuck Henley shirt ($9.98), which Sarah Jessica says is a "simple sort of male-collared blouse." The look is rounded out by a pair of red leather thongs ($7.98).
Two sweaters create this look.
Layer two sweatersthe Tribeca V-neck cashmere blend ($19.98) and the Tribeca stripe cashmere blend ($19.98)for this look. Sarah is also wearing the high-rise straight leg jean ($14.98) with ballet flats ($9.98).
Thea is ready for fall in this houndstooth coat.
Look hot even as the weather cools in Bitten's houndstooth coat with a classic collar ($19.98). Underneath, Thea models a sheer turtleneck ($12.98) and premium straight leg jeans ($14.98) with pointed flats ($9.98).

Walk away with this warm winter look for only $57.92.
Catherine shows off the Washington coat with chinos.
Sarah Jessica loves how warm her Washington coat is ($19.98). "You've got to touch this coat," she says. "It's heavy … it will keep you warm."

Catherine also models a 3/4-sleeve crew neck top ($12.98) and high-rise stretch slim chinos ($14.98) with a pair of ballet flats ($9.98).

This fantastic fall look goes for only $57.92!