Q: I'm pretty broke, and there's a department store near me with a liberal returns policy, so I've taken back some expensive dresses I've worn only once. My brother says this is wrong, but they're in good enough condition that I don't think anyone will notice—so what's the harm?

A: Dresses are not library books. By wearing the dress and returning it, you're hurting the bottom line of the store. Anything clearly worn once is considered used, so they won't be able to sell it at full price, if at all.
— Lisa Caputo, chairman and CEO, Citi's Women & Co. 

Listen, Minnie Pearl: If you can't afford a dress, don't leave the store with it! In fact, don't shop at that store. Shop your own closet and wear something you already own.
 Faith Salie, host, public radio's Fair Game podcast

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