Casual Flat Sandals

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Casual Flat Sandals
Danger ranking: 3. "Avoid sandals without arch support, straps that rub and cause blisters, cardboard-thin soles that don't offer any shock absorption and could eventually cause stress fractures. When we walk, we put two to three times the amount of body weight on our feet, so you need shoes that can absorb that shock."

Best for: Addressing individual quirks. "Thong-style sandals can be better for people with wider feet, calluses or bunions, as there's more room in the forefoot. The ankle strap of gladiator-style sandals could help slightly with stability, but these sandals often lack arch and heel support. To avoid blisters on the ankle or top of the foot caused by rubbing straps, keep those areas well moisturized."

Avoid: Running through amusement parks

Doctor's note: "Worishofer sandals were designed by a podiatrist, and the cork sole provides good shock absorption. Also check out, a retailer that sells shoes made from vegan, cruelty-free materials, like faux leather and satin that tend to be softer on feet."
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